YETI products satisfy with their long life-cycle, remarkable design and nature-oriented colors.

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Built for the Wild – the slogan says it all. The YETI Community is built on epic adventures in the outdoors.
YETI connects to their target audience by creating images that relate to them and their interests. When someone sees someone else with a YETI cup or a cooler they feel a connection of shared interests. The shared interest becomes shared rituals such as camping, hiking or other adventurous activities.
Overall the YETI brand is not only a company but more a culture. This is a successful company because they are able to connect the customers to the product and to each other.


There is a connection between YETI buyers that creates a consciousness of kind.

premium outdoor product

High quality Products

YETI offers a unique range of products made from the highest quality materials with an enourmous recognition value.

Outdoor Lifestyle


YETI produces not just coolers or drinkware. They promote an outdoor lifestyle that is becoming more and more popular these days.

Yeti big potential for shop

Great brand with potential

YETI is an american brand which is already successful within their local market. The expansion to Europe offers a great opportunity for retailers.

Authorized dealers will be listed on the official YETI Homepage and get access to the B2B platform. This includes webshop, sales documents, information videos and social media content.