Why you should become Pura Vida retailer?

What started with selling just a few pieces of jewelry a week has grown into a global movement with millions of bracelets sold each year. This has enabled the brand to collaborate with more than 200 charities around the world over the past few years, providing a stable income and a positive work environment for around 800 craftsmen.

Social media impact

Not only was Pura Vida recognized as the most popular jewelry brand on Instagram in March 2021, but they also have a network of more than 100,000 micro-influencers and also collaborate with some of the most famous brand ambassadors (Charly D´Amilio) on the planet. They have over 2 million followers on Instagram and Facebook, growing by an average of around 40,000 to 50,000 followers per month.

Small space great revenue

The turnover that can be generated with Pura Vida products is extraordinary compared to the required sales area. The average sales price is only 12 euros, which is one of the reasons why customers usually leave the store with several products.

Yeti big potential for shop

Big potencial

Pura Vida is not just a bracelet company, but a community filled with encouragement, equality and creative minds. With their products, they help artists and charities as well as the environment. This lifestyle inspires customers worldwide and enabled the company to grow exponentially. The future collaborations with Harry Potter, Hello Kitty and Walt Disney also show the enormous brand potential.

Pura Vida Bracelets

Together with numerous artists, Pura Vida Bracelets creates handcrafted bracelets in endless color combinations –
each as unique as the person wearing it.

For a better planet

At Pura Vida, giving back has always been at the core of what they do. Every purchase of jewelry helps to provide sustainable employment to artisan communities, give back to charities, and helps to protect our planet. When it comes to craftsmanship of the products, the highest standards are maintained. Therefore, they only collaborate with selected and highly qualified craftsmen in order to manufacture the handcrafted products Pura Vida customers love and also to ensure sustainable and fair employment. At the same time Pura Vida works with great organizations to protect and preserve our planet. The Surfrider Foundation, 1% for the Planet and One Tree Planted are just a few of them. In 2019, they also started offsetting their carbon emissions from shipping, and switched to 100% biodegradable polybags for their packaging.